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C7800 age?


C7800 age?

I purchased a C7800 nighthawk cable router in 2019. I have 2 questions:

1- Midco is telling us that we are getting a lot of "traffic" on the router, and suggesting that we look into updating the router. The acknowledge that the Nighthawk is better than what they would normally offer, but said that if it is 5-6 years old, we should look at upgrading. I see that this router is still offered by Netgear and I'm wondering if the C7800 sold today is superior to the one I bought in 2019? Is rhw 2019 DOCSIS 3.1 capable or only 3.0? How do I know or tell? Can what I have be updated via download, or is it really time to buy a new one?

2 - When my wife is at the dining room table on her Surface, she is unable to wireless print to my Epson 3820 located in an office (bedroom) located down a hallway perhaps 20-30 feet from her. The router is perhaps 10 feet from her and works fine, the router is 20 feet from the printer located by my laptop.  My laptop is wireless and works fine, but I am also unable to print wirelessly to the Epson so I have it USB connected to my laptop. Apparently the WiFi from router doesn't make it to the printer (so why to the computer?). Is this a case where we need some extender? I tried a MESH extender (don't remember the number) some time ago and it made zero difference ... placed it halfway between router and printer in the hallway, but still made no connection to printer. Any suggestions???


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Re: C7800 age?

1. there won't be any difference to buying one now and the one you have. they'll still work the same and have same specs. MIdco trying to get you to get something different is just them not knowing whats going on. Getting a lot of 'traffic" doesn't really tell you or us much. Is it having issues?

2. Printers don't always come with the best wireless cards in them. You might try contacting epson since other devices by the printer don't have issues. Does the printer have an ethernet port? If you've got fine coverage everywhere else, you could get a cheap extender that has ethernet and hardwire in the printer. 

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