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CBVG834G Port Forwarding limited to 10


CBVG834G Port Forwarding limited to 10

I have 10 port forwarding rules and trying to add an 11th, but it never gets added. When I press the "Add" button, nothing happens. The help page reads "You may make up to 30 different port assignments for Internet services, applications or games. "

So what is limiting my list of rules to 10? Is this a bug?

The more specific the rules, the better. But if I am limited in the number of rules, then I will have to open ports more "widely" and this will decrease security and defeats the purpose.

Here is the list of my rules:

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Re: CBVG834G Port Forwarding limited to 10

This is a big limitation for me. Can anyone tell me why I can't define 30 rules as described in the help.
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Re: CBVG834G Port Forwarding limited to 10

This isn’t really an answer to your issue, but you could do some optimisation of your forwarding rules since all forwards are to the same IP address i.e. Forwarding ports 5000 and 5001 as two separate rules could be combined – start 5000 end 5001, the same idea applies to ports 7000/7001 If it’s possible to change the port numbers for some of the other applications then you could apply the same principle to other ports e.g. whatever is using 7000/7001 change to 5002/5003 then a single rule to forward 5000 – 5003 will replace four of your existing rules. If you can change 32400 and 6690 then you would be down to just five rules instead of ten. I’m not familiar with your router, but I wonder if that ‘Choose Predefined Service’ pull down allows you to select other pages? I suspect you have 10 rules for Services, 10 for Applications, and 10 for Games, but I doubt the router knows any difference between the three categories.
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