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Re: CG3000 router IPAD losing wifi signal


CG3000 router IPAD losing wifi signal

Hi there.

I have a CG3000v2 cable router with wifi through Optus. For some reason all apple ipads and iphones (we have tried 4 different IPADs) lose their connection after 30 seconds. YouTube will load up but stop after losing connection. They all get booted off the wifi network and have to be reset where the same problem happens again. All other cabled devices and other non apple products eg pc lap top work fine so it is not a an Optus issue but an issue with the router. I have tested IPads on other next works and hot spotting which has worked fine so it is not an issue with the IPads.

Does anyone have the same issue and is there a fix. This is so frustrating and never happened since a few months ago. Please help.


Model: CG3000-2STAUS (CG3000v2)|Cable Modem. Gateway
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Re: CG3000 router IPAD losing wifi signal

Did you check to see if there are any firmware updates for that router? If there is maybe that could help. Of course from experience I know that apple products have issues with certain routers due to their securit in the apple firmware.  It is a known issue with some routers.

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Re: CG3000 router IPAD losing wifi signal

Hey I have swapped out the router from one of the rooms and it has stopped the issue. Everything is logging on now. Thanks for the help

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Re: CG3000 router IPAD losing wifi signal

are you running NETGEAR Genie if not i suggest download it , just google it , that will help if it still does it then it might be a malware, sounds to me ,  so you can do a full malware scan and virus, if all fails try changing your modems braudcast channel pick a channel that your next doors dont have , , i go for channel 8 ..hope that helped

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