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CM1200 Modem to RBR20 Speed Issue


CM1200 Modem to RBR20 Speed Issue

I've been having speed issues.  Xfinity tech was here earlier and tested 1255 directly off the coax.  He could not pull a reading from the modem directly. I have the Orbi connected directly and the speed I get via the app (iPhone) is ~495/42.  I think that reading is not via wireless, but directly from within the Orbi to the modem.  If so, then clearly I am losing a lot of speed.


Can anyone direct me on the steps I need to take to close that gap?  I just updated the Orbi firmware.


Thank you,


- N

Model: CM1200|Nighthawk Multi-Gig Speed Cable Modem
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Re: CM1200 Modem to RBR20 Speed Issue

With a wired ethernet PC directly connected to the CM modem with out the RBR online, what is your speed seen with Ooklas installable speed test app? Then try with a wired PC connected to the RBR in line with the CM modem. 


WiFi speeds will max out at around 400-500Mpbs on 5Ghz AC due to the 2x2 antenna design on phones and pads. 4x4 antenna design can't see over 500Mpbs. 

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