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CM1200 it shouldn’t be this hard!


CM1200 it shouldn’t be this hard!

Can someone please help…

I registered the CM1200 Cable Modem with Xfinity, all fine, the Netgear shows up, try the password as password, can’t login, I reset the device as instructed, same again.

I manage to get into the routerlogin ip with ‘password’ and I factory reset it.

Then I try to change the password from ‘password’ and it asks for the password which is ‘password’ by now and it won’t let me in, I click cancel and it says unauthorized!

So I have to repeat this again and again until I realise the madness of it.
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Re: CM1200 it shouldn’t be this hard!

What happens if you disconnect the ISP coax cable from the modem. Factory reset and log back in and then change the password to something else, confirm the change. If good, re-connect the ISP coax cable. Re-confirm pass hasn't changed.

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Re: CM1200 it shouldn’t be this hard!

Problem is is that some versions of firmware will accept password when you put it in but it won't take because it doesn't meet the minimum requirements for xifnity. 

After you factory reset it, next time you setup the password make sure to have:

10 characters

1 special one

1 capital letter

1 lower case letter

1 number. 


Try that when you change the password

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