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Re: CM500 connected to N600


CM500 connected to N600

I recently upgraded my cable modem to CM500 and wireless router to N600 to take advantage of new services in my areas.  Since changing I am experiencing two frustrating issues.


1. CM500 frequently loses upload connection to N600

2. Throughput on wireless if 45% of actual Time warner speed offering (200MB).


I contact my provider and they verified that the issue is a Netgear issue.


Prior to this configurartion I had Motorola cable router and Belkin wireless router.  Never lost connection between both devices.  Any suggestion on how I can fix the above too issues.  


Thank you.

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Re: CM500 connected to N600

Hello Mike1243


First i would check your connections make sure the modems cable cord is tight and also if you have a cable splitter try to bypass that see if that helps your upload issue. Maybe swap Ethernet cables to make sure you don't have a bad one. As for the speeds make sure you don't have Qos enabled this could be directing your bandwidth. On the wireless is this happening on both the 2.4 and 5ghz? This could be caused by a older device connecting to the wireless slowing the speed down so I would test it with your newest wireless device without any others connected to see if its still slow. hope to hear your feedback.



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