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Re: CM600 Chipset


CM600 Chipset

Just wondering if anyone knew what chipset is in the CM600.


What I wondered was if it is the same as the Arris SB6190 or different.

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Re: CM600 Chipset

The CM600 is powered by the Broadcom BCM3384 chip, whereas the Arris SB6190 is powered by a chip from the Intel Puma family of products.

The BCM3384 is a dual-thread 600MHz chip.

Please do note that the CM600 has a known security vulnerability (see thread: https://community.netgear.com/t5/Cable-Modems-Routers/CM600-amp-CM400-Product-Security-Vulnerability...).

The vulnerability was known since the Fall of 2015, and Netgear said they would have a fix by December 2015. Here it is June 2016 and my ISP (Time Warner Cable / "Spectrum") has told me they have not gotten any firmware from Netgear to even test yet.

Model: CM600|CM600 High Speed Cable Modem
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Re: CM600 Chipset

Thanks for the info.


I first connected the CM600 without the coax connected to check firmware the modem came with and it had firmware 1.01.05


As soon as I connected the coax the firmware upgraded to 1.01.09


Perhaps that firmware has the fix?


My ISP is Comcast.

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