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COX Gigablast wtih CM1000v2


COX Gigablast wtih CM1000v2

Yesterday I bought a CM1000 and upgraded to COX Gigablast 1GB. As of this morning I am not getting anywhere near 1GB download speeds. I've contacted COX twice and both times they just had me do the standard unplug/plugin. They said they verified on their end that I'm getting 1GB so the issue must be my device. I contacted Netgear tech support and they essentially had me do a hard reset of the modem. This helped a little but speeds are still nowhere near 1GB. According to the speed test through COX's website, my download speed is barely holding between 300-400gbps. According to speedtest.net, I'm between 400-500gbps. I have the modem directly wired to my PC, no router or other devices connected. I've attached the modem connection info. 


Does anyone have any idea as to why the speed is so slow? Has anyone else who uses COX had a similar issue they were able to resolve?

Model: CM1000|Ultra-High Speed Cable Modem—DOCSIS® 3.1 Ready
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Re: COX Gigablast wtih CM1000v2

Have the ISP check the signal and line quality UP to the modem. 
Be sure there are not coax cable line splitters in the between the modem and ISP service box. 
Be sure your using good quality RG6 coax cable up to the modem.

Test with a different wired PC. 

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