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Can I use C6300 as switch with WiFi in new building?


Can I use C6300 as switch with WiFi in new building?

Good day,
I recently was upgraded by Verzion to their CR1000A router.  My plan is to build a she-shed and convert it into an office at the back of my property. I will run a cat7 ethernet cable from my residence to the shed/office. I have an older Netgear C6300 from a few years back.  Can I connect the CR1000A to the C6300 and use the C6300 as a switch with WiFi capabilities? I want to link the C6300 to a PC, work laptop, and smart TV via ethernet and several IoT devices via WiFi in the shed/office. Do you have any other recommendations now knowing my end goal?

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Re: Can I use C6300 as switch with WiFi in new building?

Does it have this capability with an easy "click this one button"? No. 

But there's a workaround some have used. You can see it here: 



You can try that method and if it doesn't work, look for a router with access point mode, an access point, or even a wifi extender with access point mode. 

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