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Cannot access web except through VPN


Cannot access web except through VPN

Hello all,


I have been having this problem since last night.  I cannot access webpages or connect to the internet with games on any device connected to my router (PC, Mac, Wifi, Hardwired, etc.).  I can ping different webpages (google.com) in the command prompt without problem.  I have tried to [telnet google.com 80] and it does not work.  I have tried restarting all devices, unplugging all devices, and all the usual fixes.


However, I can connect to my work's network through a VPN and subsequently browse just fine (through the VPN).  This is obviously not ideal, and I would like to figure out what is wrong and how to fix it.


Please let me know any other information that would be helpful.





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Re: Cannot access web except through VPN

Hello Tenrath


Have you tried to change your DNS to googles open DNS to see if it may be a DNS issue. googles DNS is Secondary:




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