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DEAR NETGEAR: Customer Behavioral Associations with your Brand CM1200 Cable Modem on Spectrum


DEAR NETGEAR: Customer Behavioral Associations with your Brand CM1200 Cable Modem on Spectrum

Im very dissapointed.  CM1200 on Spectrum internet provider has unreliable internet connection with frequent disconnects and time outs.
For those of you looking for fixes---there are none.  Stop trying.  You are wasting your time.  Get Spectrum's modem or a different one altogether.

I bought a top of the line CM1200 Netgear modem.  I was very excited.  After 4 visits, 8 calls, intallation of new lines, LOTS of personal research, probing, and solution testing--- it all comes down to a much needed firmware update.
Bottom line, Spectrum will not update the firmware.  As a customer, I dont care who the problem is.  All i know is that I have a top of the line CM1200 sitting in my basement because it is unreliable (clearly due to a firmware issue).  

Heres a tip for everyone, dont bother getting a tech to your home 4x, calling spectrum 8x, installing new lines, etc.... at the end of the day--- switch to Spectrum's modem.  Itll save you time AND actually be fixed.

Dear Netgear---HELP your customers by reaching out to Spectrum about this MAJOR issue.  As of this moment---im not sure ill trust netgear again.  You have great products, but ---CLEARLY the CM1200 has an issue with Spectrum services since it is widely reported and a "known issue" (verified ONLY after I had to do some limit setting with Spectrum, who tried to give me the run around).

the very least Netgear could do is awknowledge its a WELL known issue.

Anyone looking to buy the expensive top of the line plastic brick in my basement?
This is the association I have with Netgear----buy a modem and deperately seek out support for months for it--and this wide ranging issue is not address.

I feel bad for those people out there that dont even know their internet is bad because of their frequent time out/disconnets---not because of bandwith etc...  They are just continuing to chug along.


Shameful Netgear....shameful.  We need your advocacy for your product.

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Re: DEAR NETGEAR: Customer Behavioral Associations with your Brand CM1200 Cable Modem on Spectrum

You might start here:



All this stuff comes from here. 


Good Luck. 

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