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Is the C3000 viable as a standalone router?


Is the C3000 viable as a standalone router?

I have used the C3000 cable router/modem combination for a few months without issue. Recently, I switched from cable internet to DSL. I am hoping to be able to use the DM111PSP v2 as a DSL modem and use the C3000 as a router. I have everything set up and I'm exeriencing a very strange problem. When the DSL modem is plugged directly into my computer there are no connection issues or interruptions whatsoever, but when I connect the DSL modem to the C3000 router the connection interrupts so often that I can't even complete a speed test. Please help!

Is the C3000 incompatable as a standalone router?

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Re: Is the C3000 viable as a standalone router?

Hello that0n3guy


Yea I have had this question asked in the past the C3000 is not good as a standalone router it wasnt ment to be used like this. Let me know if you have any other questions.



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