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Lost all confidence in Netgear


Lost all confidence in Netgear

So my story begins back in June of 2021 when I purchase the Nighthawk C7000v2 Cable Modem/Router.  About 2 weeks before the warranty expired it stopped working and I contact technical support, we went through the process of diagnoses and it was determined that I would need to ship back the unit and a new one would be sent to me at no charge.  Well I sent it back and received another unit, but from the packaging and later, confirmed by technical support, they sent me a refurbished unit, which didn't work either, so I went through the whole diagnoses process again, but this time they tell my my warranty has expired and that I'll need to purchase a service contract, well I was absolutely miffed that they sent me a faulty unit and then have the nerve to tell me I'll need to purchase a service contract to get them to explain why the replacement unit wasn't working.  Well I immediately got their manager on the call and explained that the faulting unit I received was to replace another faulty unit which had been under warranty and why on earth would this replacement unit have to be under warranty.  Anyway, I finally got the manager to understand and provide me with a NEW unit.  So a week later I get the new unit in the standard packing you would see in a store so I was confident that I now had a new replacement unit.


All of this happened in late June and early July of 2022. So this past weekend, Aug 27th 2022, I started having internet issues of the internet dropping every few mins and then I'd have to restart the cable modem/router to only have the problem happen over and over.  I contacted Xfinity because I believed it had to be their problem.  So a technician comes over and we discover that the internet is fine, it's the Netgear cable/modem that is not working correctly.  He proved this by hooking up one of his cable modem/router and sure enough, his worked without any problems.  He said I could use his for 30 days before I would get charged if I wanted to go out and buy another one, but if I do, it won't be Netgear, probably Arris.


So then I try to reach out to Netgear support to see if they can do anything.  Of course I get the recordings saying my unit is out of warranty and that I'll need to purchase a service contract.  I decided to stay on the line and wait to talk to a support person, but after waiting 30 mins I had to get back to work so I had to hang up.


I know Netgear will probably not do anything about my situation but maybe someone will read this and use it in their purchasing decision.

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Re: Lost all confidence in Netgear

A couple things. 

1. the warranty doesn't reset with a new unit. If you're outside of the year, its still out of warranyt (i understand you got it replaced and had issues)

2. do you have a screen snip of the cable connections page and the event logs from the C7000? Reason I ask is the the c7000 is a docsis 3.0 device. Xfinity has been only using docsis 3.1 devices for their modem/router combos and the 3.1 devices tend to be more tolerant of line issues. It wouldn't be the first time a docsis 3.0 device had issues when a 3.1 one didn't. 


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