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Re: Mini home network - what else do I need?


Mini home network - what else do I need?

Dear all


I need to make a wired home office network consisting of a Mac server, two user Macs, a PC laptop and three printers [all networkable]


The two user Macs use Wifi for Internet access, but it is NOT possible to add the server and printers to the wifi. Nor can we wire everything back to the internet box which is fixed in another room 40 feet away. [Don't ask, we'd be here another week!]


So the wired network is all in the study, and will co-exist with the wifi so far as the user Macs are concerned. [We'e previously tried a Nighthawk range externder without success]. Changing from one to the other on the Macs is simply point and click in System Preferences/Network. 


I've got plenty of CAT 6 cables and a GS-108 switch– little used legacy items from my previous office. Is there a software solution to create and manage the network from the server or do I just need a cheap Ethernet router which will do all the IP/DHCP stuff? 


Looking at a low-cost router like the WNR2200 I see that it has 4 network ports plus one in a yellow housing, which I presume is intended for the cable modem or other internet source. Since I do not want an internet connection, do I use this socket for the server? And plug the switch into one of the network ports and use that for the printers? Or is there a better / correct way to do it?





Thanks in advance



Model: GS108|Gigabit Switches
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Re: Mini home network - what else do I need?

What is the brand and model ISP modem you have?


You may need a external wifi router like a R or RAX series router.



ISP modem>WiFi router>GS108 switch can be used to add additional LAN ports.

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Re: Mini home network - what else do I need?


The ISP is Orange [aka France Telecom] who provide the Livebox 4. It provides .ac [and backwards] wifi which we use for internet on our two personal Macs.


But my proposal is for a WIRED network. So what I'm looking for is a 3 / 4 / 5 port Ethernet router. And a couple of people have suggested that since they are scarce these days, I could buy a cheap wifi router which has a couple of ports and turn off the wifi connecion.





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