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Modem Router Selection


Modem Router Selection

Asking for guidance on selecting equipment that will allow for either a Guest Network that can be scheduled to be turned off automatically or some sort of partitioned router that can be scheduled to be turned off automatically.  This would need to be compatible with the existing Xfinity Arris router/modem TG3482G, download speed 600 Mbps (or replace it).  What I'm trying to achieve is to manage/schedule kids from re-connecting to the Wi-Fi after the Xfinity Parent Control shuts them down and allowing visitors to access our main Wi-Fi.  Xfinity states their rented equipment doesn't offer a Guest Network and separating the 2.4 and 5 bands won't work because xfi pods are utilized throughout the house.  The xfi hot spot isn't practical either.  Was looking at the Nighthawk CAX80 but it doesn't not state that the Guest Network can be scheduled to be turned off - only that it can be scheduled to turn the entire WiFi off which won't work because it would disable the home security system.  Any suggestions which be very much appreciated!!!  Thanks!

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Re: Modem Router Selection

Guest Network doesn't support scheduling. It's either enabled or disabled at the users selection to enable it or not. 

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