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Re: NOTICE: CM2050V cable modem customers with Comcast/Xfinity


NOTICE: CM2050V cable modem customers with Comcast/Xfinity may not achieve the full upstream speeds

There has been a recent issue with this model modem and these two ISP as of late.

Users had experienced higher speed uploads and recently those speeds were downgraded or reduced and also modems were downgraded in FW as well. 


Both ISP and NETGEAR are aware of this: 



The FW pull back is only affected the Comcast/Xfinity areas that have Mid-Split Infrastructure support. Most people will not see any differences in other ISP infrastructure areas of ISP support. Only seems to be effecting these Mid-Split areas of support. 


Currently, NG is aware of it and is working on a fix. The fix will be given to the ISP and then the ISP will test it and then push it to users modem, if and when they deem the new FW good and approved. Users are not supported for manually updating any cable modem. This has to be done by the ISP. 


Since the year is ending in weeks, I can only presume that the fix will be seen sometime early next year sometime. Users are encouraged to use there modems as is for now and keep monitoring in the new year for updates and a fix. 


Users should contact there ISPs for any other cable modem problems seen to ensure the ISP signal quality up to the modem is of good quality and working well. 


Please be patient. 

Thank you. 




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NOTICE: CM2050V cable modem customers with Comcast/Xfinity may not achieve the full upstream speeds

Hello NETGEAR Community,


We understand Comcast/Xfinity has recently issued a statement regarding your CM2050V cable modem may not achieve the full upstream speeds due to their proactive measures to address intermittent connectivity issues. Here's what we know: Comcast deployed a new CM2050V firmware around September ~ October time frame last year (2023) that provided the higher upstream speeds recently deployed by Comcast in some areas. However, Comcast has reverted the firmware update, impacting individuals who initially experienced enhanced upstream speeds, causing them to return to the speeds they had before September 2023. 


So, in summary:

  • For people who live in the areas where Comcast has yet to deploy the new services with higher upstream speeds, there is no impact.
  • People who received the recent increase in upstream speeds are now back to the speeds they had before September 2023.
  • Releasing a fixed firmware that restores the function that supports increased upload speeds on Xfinity is our highest priority.

We will provide an update once the firmware becomes available.


We appreciate your patience and understanding. 


NETGEAR Community Team

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