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Re: Need help with CM500 coaxial connection


Need help with CM500 coaxial connection

Hello all,

I am trying to reduce my monthly internet bill by installing my own Netgear modem, but came into a problem when attempting to connect the coaxial cable.  I bought it, removed it from the box, and began to install it, but it will not thread at all.  I believe there may be a manufacturing error.  Included is a picture of the coaxial connector in question. Is it supposed to be flat on top like this?  Can I get a refund if I contact Netgear?

Model: CM500|16x4 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem
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Re: Need help with CM500 coaxial connection

Its supposed to be flat like that. Not an error. 

make sure the coax cable your screwing in doesn't have any issues with the copper wire. I've seen them cut and "bulge" out or be bent because of it and not go into the coax port properly. And check for a cheap connector on the end of the coax cable.

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