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Netgear C3700 cannot access admin settings and can only connect 1 device to WIFI at a time.


Netgear C3700 cannot access admin settings and can only connect 1 device to WIFI at a time.


I would first like to thank anyone for reading this. I have had lots of trouble with my router and could use any assistance. I have not be able to find a solution on this forum or others. I have found some that are similar but I do not understand how to go about fixing it. I will try to be as clear as possible.


The Problem:

My router has limited wireless/wifi connections. At this time I am only able to connect one device at a time to wifi. The connection works for any device (i.e. phone, tablet, and laptop) but only one at a time. I would like to connect to more devices to my wifi.


I am having trouble logging into my router’s admin settings. I am unable to access the following on ANY web browser.

 - Routerlogin.net

 - Routerlogin.com




Each one redirects to a search webpage similar to this:

Routerlogin.et blank page.PNG


My setup:

-Router: Netgear C3700 https://www.netgear.com/home/products/networking/cable-modems-routers/C3700.aspx

-OS: Windows 10


What has been done already:

-I have recently moved and I transferred my service. ISP registered the MAC address on my router. That has been confirmed to work.

- Connecting my computer to Ethernet. Eternet connections work perfectly.

- Restarting my router by holding the reset button, done this many times from 7, 10, to 30 seconds each time. The wireless name and password were reset to the defult, but I still cannot access the admin page, and I still can only have one divice connected wirelessly and multiple ethernet connections

- Restarting my computer.

- Attempting to access the router via Network connection details --> IPv4 address, default gateway, DHCP server, DNS server. which had different IP-addresses. did not work. 

- Using different web browsers.

- Summoning a tech savvy demons to fix my internet problems for me. They  wanted to charged me an arm and a leg!


Thank you so much for the help guys!


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Re: Netgear C3700 cannot access admin settings and can only connect 1 device to WIFI at a time.

Hello judynuttall23


Try to connect using also make sure you are connected via Ethernet. You also may want to disconnect the cable from the modem then try the login methods to the router.



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Re: Netgear C3700 cannot access admin settings and can only connect 1 device to WIFI at a time.

I get the message: You are not connected to your Routers WIFI network. To access routerlogin.net your device must be connected to your Router's WIFI network.  Check your current connection and try again.

I used the and finally got the laptop to pick up the WIFI after it said limited access or no internet. However now all the other wifi devices show no internet connection and before they would connect only one at a time. The is missing several tabs it appears, the advanced tab only as Administration and has router mode set on NO, but when I change it to YES and apply the modem reboots and comes back to the NO mode. I downloaded the Netgear Genie for desktop and when I try to access the router I get a red error message: Netgear router is not found or not supported, Also make sure the router is not connected to the guest network of the router and no IPV6 is enabled.  I am not tech savvy and can not figure out how to get this Router to open up and do what I needs to do. 


Model: C3700|N600 Cable Gateway Docsis 3.0
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