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New - NETGEAR - CM2500 Cable Modem Available


New - NETGEAR - CM2500 Cable Modem Available

Here it is:



  • NEW: This mid/high-split DOCSIS® 3.1 cable modem delivers up to 2Gbps of download speeds and up to 1Gbps of upload speeds 
  • NEW: Unlock faster cable internet speeds, such as Xfinity’s 900Mbps download speeds and 100Mbps upload speeds. Not compatible with Xfinity Voice plans.
  • NEW: Faster download speeds1 powers your digital lifestyle with enhanced speed, capacity, efficiency, and response times
  • NEW: 10x faster upload speeds1 for seamless multi-family gaming, video conferencing, and uploading even the largest files - simultaneously. Plus, provides easy remote access to your home security cameras and files on your NAS
  • For the ultimate in performance, link NETGEAR’s award-winning WiFi 6E or WiFi 7 router or Orbi system to the CM2500 cable modem
  • Stay ahead of future internet speeds with our mid/high-split DOCSIS® 3.1 cable modem for much higher performance levels††
  • Save up to $300 a year in ISP rental fees by owning this high-performance modem2
  • Connect the two Gigabit ports to a router with link aggregation for up to 2Gbps





NOTE: Users should make contact with there Internet Service Provider prior to purchasing to make sure this model modem IS supported on there network. 

Comcast/Xfinity and the full list of approved modems

Comcast/XFinity Next Generation ISP FAQ 

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