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New Netgear CM700 and poor upload speeds


New Netgear CM700 and poor upload speeds

Hi, Everyone


A few weeks ago I purchased a Netgear CM700-100NAS modem along with a netgear R6700 router. I recently sent back the R6700 router and purchased an Orbi RBK33 mesh router


I have Xfinity Blast 250 mbps download and 10 mbps upload.


Starting yesterday my upload speeds have been horrible and want to know if its my modem.


Anyway, Friday an Xfinity tech came over and checked all my speeds because of my speeds where all over the place. He tested the speeds outside coming into the house, inside at the media panel and at the coax wall port. All tested excellent. 313 mbps download, 13 mbps upload. He tested the speed coming out of the modem at that time, same thing over 300 mbps download and 13 upload. We tried to reboot the brand new r6700 router and the router wasn't cooperating. The tech told me most likely the router wasn't good and something was going on with it. That's why I purchased the Orbi


I've checked my speeds using the Orbi app (which uses speed test) and the speeds are usually around 285-295 mbps download, and anywhere from 3.61 to 12mbps upload. All over the place. I then checked my speeds using my phone and speed test, same results as my Orbi app using speed test. 250 mbps download, and uploads 4.20 - 12 mbps upload.


I attached links of the speed test results, along with the log page from my modem. I don't know much about modem's or home networking so I cant tell what to look at on the modem log page. I just know that on my modem log page there are "Critical" and "Warning" messages.


I've rebooted both the modem and orbi router, etc with no change.


I'm hoping someone can look at the attached logs and see if there are any issues.












The firmware of my modem according to the netgear page is V1.02.04 and the hardware version is 2.0.


Thanks for any help.

Model: CM700|DOCSIS® 3.0 32x8
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Re: New Netgear CM700 and poor upload speeds

I'm going to go ahead and bring it to best buy and see what they will do.

I'm past the return time but amazingly I purchased the 2 yr geek squad warranty, which I never do.
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