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Re: Internet cuts out frequently


Re: Internet cuts out frequently

I brought a modem and router combo, CG3000Dv2, a couple of months ago, not internet is on and off periodically.  Called in with NetGear, they said it passed 90 days of support, so I if I want help and update the software of the device I needed to have the support extention for 6 months for $79 and they will give me supoort not just on Netgear products but other as well.  


There is no firmware for this device in which customer can download and install them self.


Tech Support say they need to add in the IP from Comcast into the device to have it running smoothly, but in order to do that I have to buy the extiontion service.

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Re: Internet cuts out frequently

Hello SJ


When you say the Internet cuts out do you mean the wireless connection drops or are you connected via Ethernet? Also does it say webpage can not be displayed or does things on the web just not load and keep spinning? There is one thing you try check to see if you are connected on a cable splitter if so remove the splitter and go directly to the wall and if your issues stop then you may need to contact comcast to come check the lines and connection. you could also try another active cable outlet in your home to test it. Hope to hear your feedback.



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