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Solid red upload light on CM500 modem


Solid red upload light on CM500 modem

I just updated my internet service with Spectrum (100 mbps DL and 10 mbps upload) and all seems to be working correctly, except now the upload light on my CM500 modem is solid red.


Spectrum tech support says this is a Netgear issue.


Firmware is V1.01.09 (Docs say firmware is pushed by the ISP).


I'll attach the log file.


What's the solution?



Model: CM500|16x4 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem
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Re: Solid red upload light on CM500 modem

it should be SOLID AMBER. I dont think there is a RED LED on the US LED location.


Please post the connection table. Most likely because your US power is either too high or there is no US bonding. 

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Re: Solid red upload light on CM500 modem

vkdelta, the light is solid red -- not amber. Solid RED.


I posted the log, which should provide useful information for those who may be able to interpret it.


I have no idea what you mean by "connection table".


Still hoping someone can provide a relevant answer to my question.

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