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What do I have? Version doesn't match anything?


What do I have? Version doesn't match anything?

I just purchased an N600 Wireless modem at Best Buy and it connected fine but we noticed that when our laptops wake up from sleep mode it drops the wifi signal. I have to reconnect and then if I'm playing a game or active on the internet it's fine and will stay connected as long as I'm being active. If I leave the laptop idle for just a few minutes it drops the wifi connection and again i have to click to re-enable it.

I thought there could be some type of setting that might be turning wifi off if it is idle too long and I consulted Microsoft and tech support. I did all they told me to do which was to turn off the feature that lets my computer turn off wifi if it's asleep. I then changed my laptop to NEVER sleep and it still does it.

So that brought me to this forum where I thought about updating the firmware on my N600. The problem is, that my N600 version is not listed here at all. Even when I used the Netgear utility to automatically download the latest version of firmware, it says version not found.

According to the netgear utility my Model number is: C3700-100NAS
On the bottom of my router it says: C3700 and my serial number is: 3kx1487800650
Says my firmware is: V1.01.05

Is this the latest version for my model? My model doesn't even seem to be listed or at least the Netgear utility can't seem to find it. Also, my product did not come with a disk of any kind. The manual that came with it lists only a power plug, the modem itself and a yellow cable as the box contents.

Any advice? I'm about to return it to the store and just buy another brand if I can't get these drops to stop.

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Re: What do I have? Version doesn't match anything?

You could contact support. I looked and couldn't find any FW for it. It appears to be a Modem/Router. I would return it. It might have some FW restrictions which may only be done by your ISP.
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