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I just purchased a c3700-100nas and got it set up about 3 hours ago, but the 2.4ghz speed and range is abysmal. 5ghz connection is 101/12 (I pay for 100/10), and ethernet is 102/12 via speedtest.net through TWC's most local server. Ping hovers around 10-12ms. With my iphone 6s sitting on top of the modem, I will get speeds of roughly 50/11, but any more than 6" away, and the speeds drop to 3-4/8. I have cycled through every channel, and scanned nearby networks for channel congestion. I did a factory reboot and now the "tech" support chat lady is telling me to "observe" the connection for 6-12 hours to see if it improves. Am I being cynical in thinking that "observing" the connection is a cop-out and them hoping that I forget about it? Will letting it sit actually do anything, and if so, what? Thanks for the help. I'll be returning this to Best Buy tomorrow if nothing improves.

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Just an update and a bump. After "observing" the network, I have taken measurements of the speed drop:distance from the router. For every 12" away from the router, I am losing 30% of my speed. At 15 feet (line of sight, no obstructions) from the router I am getting 1.40mb/s. With my iPhone set directly on top of the modem, I am getting 57.46mb/s. On 5ghz with my phone set directly on top of the modem I am getting 109.68mb/s. At 15 feet (line of sight, no obstructions) from the router I am getting 2.56mb/s. Ethernet on my laptop, I am getting 110.7mb/s.
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