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c6300 update the boot file


c6300 update the boot file

i am using firmware version v3.01.14
with Xfinity ISP. my download speeds are consistently slow. 

xfinity advise i need to update the bootfile of the modem because it is not fully provisioned. how do I do this?


Model: C6300|AC1750 Cable Modem Router Docsis 3.0
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Re: c6300 update the boot file

Be sure to power OFF the modem for 1 minute them back ON. 


The ISP is responsible to ensure the boot file is sent to the modem. Nothing users can do to effect this beyond a power OFF for 1 minute then back ON.


Please post a copy and paste of the modems connection status page.
Have the ISP check the signal and line quality UP to the modem. Be sure the ISP provisions the modem correctly.
Be sure there are no coax cable line splitters in the between the modem and ISP service box. 
Be sure your using good quality RG6 coax cable up to the modem. 

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