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netgear c3000-100nas overheating/not accepting internet connections


netgear c3000-100nas overheating/not accepting internet connections

As title says,


i bought a "netgear c3000-100nas" on september 2014, it currently Aug 1 2015

Problems i've been having.


- Modem Started to Overheat

---- Started 2 weeks ago, not sure why, its not even a wholeyear yet.


- Modem is declining internet

--- Started Since 2 weeks ago, 3rd and 4th light just wont stay there.


- Slow Speed via WiFi/Laptop/iOS/Android

--- Lan = 50mb down/5mb up | WiFi = 10-15mb down/1mb up

------- My Internet is 50MB Download and 5MB Upload.




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Re: netgear c3000-100nas overheating/not accepting internet connections

Hello Hang94


You said that the modem is overheating have you tried placing the modem in a open space where it gets good airflow to see if this helps at all? and when you say the modem is declining Internet do you mean that it keeps dropping in and out on you if so i would make sure all your connections are tight make sure your not going threw a cable splitter which can cause issues with cable levels. The suggestion for the Wifi being slow is make sure you don't have a older wireless devices that only have 802.11 B connected to the wireless if so these devices can pull the whole wifi speeds down to the 10-15 Mbs range that your talking about. If you continue to have overheating issues I would suggest contacting support if your modem is still under warranty. hope to hear your feedback.



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