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I want to try running a mesh wifi system (like Google, for example) with this combo modem/router. I assume I need to connect the LAN cable to the CG4500, plug it into the home mesh unit. I also assume I need to put the device into bridge mode, but I've looked over mulltiple documents and can't find a way to set the device to bridge mode. It's a dual band unit and I will need both bands for the new set-up. My ISP is Cox Cable. 

Model: CG4500BD-1CXNAS|Cable Gateway Docsis 3.0
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Re: Bridge mode

That is a ISP specific cable modem that is supported by the ISP my guess is they have the feature turned off that lets you bridge the unit. You may need a different modem.



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Re: Bridge mode

Davidra, if you still have this particular modem, it definitely is possible to set this into bridge mode.


To start, you may want to connect via ethernet to ensure nothing goes wrong.


After logging into the modem, head to the Advanced tab. From there go to Advanced Setup, then to NAT Mode. There will be only one option to modify, which should be just the one titled "Bridge mode". Check that checkbox, and press Apply. Then, just to be on the safe side, hook up your router to LAN port 1. Afterwards, reboot all your devices just to ensure that your router of choosing is managing your internet connection proper. If you still have no connection, make sure that the ethernet ports under Advanced > Advanced Setup > LAN Switch are set to active.


Back with the older netgear modems this setting was hidden away and only accessible by manually punching in a certain address into your browser, named something along the lines of NAT forwaring or something. With this modem, they have kept the same structure of grouping functionality-wise. I found it by chance because I was setting up my father's internet with the same modem.


I hope this helps you and others like you out in this situation.


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