C3000 Router lockups

I have a C3000 modem/router which locks up at least once a day.  It has Firmware that is older. V1.01.11  NetGear has said that the only way to update the firmware is through your ISP.  But I have WOW and they will not update because it is not their device.  Not sure this is the issue, but not sure what else it could be.  to get it back up and running, I have to unplug it and wait a minute and then plug it back in.  So annoying.  Any help would be great.

Model: C3000|N300 Cable Gateway Docsis 3.0
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Re: C3000 Router lockups

That stinks. I was going to update mine and when I went to the formware download page they referbeced what version I needed based on my ISP which was 2.0 something something...


I hate the fact that they indicate your ISP will be the one to update the firmware. Makes no sence since I don't beleive Spectrum has anyone on staff writing code for a Netgear router. 

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Re: C3000 Router lockups

If you log into the modem's connection page, get a screen snip of all the connections info (upload/download/snr) and post it on here. even if its multiple snips. Also get a screen snip of your logs.

If you have any coax line splitters, attenuators, or amplifiers in line, remove them. If possible, directly connect the modem where the coax enters the home. this prevents wiring wthin the home from being the issue. 


It is unfortunate that the ISP controls the firmware but the reason why is that if 3rd parties could control the firmware on modems, they could set the speed that they wanted and not what the ISP sets. (there's more reasons but thats key)

Maybe this will change in the future but right now its the same for all device makers. not just netgear. 

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