Re: C3000 modem/router --> bridge connecting an AC1750


C3000 modem/router --> bridge connecting an AC1750

Will I loose the features of my original AC1750 if I buy my own C3000 modem/router and use that as 1st and bridge the AC1750 behind it? My home isn't tiny so I would like to use both to extend my range across different areas of the house.

Model: C3000|N300 Cable Gateway Docsis 3.0,C6300|AC1750 Cable Modem Router Docsis 3.0
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Re: C3000 modem/router --> bridge connecting an AC1750

Just my two cents... I have used the AC1750 as my edge device with WiFi and used another brand router to extend my WiFi, and there is a penalty... the other brand was only 2.4Ghz, and I was kneecapped whenever I connected wireless on that network.  I am not familiar with the specs of the C3000, but compare and if functionally similar you should not have a problem.  I removed the other wifi, and have not had a problem with running the C6300 by itself.  Good luck !

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