C6300v2 Dropping Internet

I'm sorry, I don't know too much about networking. I've spent the last week on phone calls with my ISP (Spectrum) and Netgear. I'm not really sure where else to turn. 


I moved into a new appartment recently. We went and picked up the Netgear AC1750 because the cable modem would have taken too long to ship. It worked fine for the first day or two. After this I would randomly lose internet connection. This happens on all of our divices, both wired and wireless. All of the lights on the modem/router will stay on. This will lask 5-20 minutes and it will come back on. It seems to happen in waves, I will have no issues all day then it will cut out 3-7 times in a two our window. 


I'll go ahead and explain all the phone calls/visits with my ISP and Netgear in hopes they might have narrowed it down. 


I first called Spectrum. The lady quickly said there was "a problem with the lines." They sent someone out to check it. 


The man from Spectrum came and rebooted my modem and said everything esle was fine. 


The problem continued. I called Spectrum again and this time they told me there were no issues. They directed me to call Netgear. 


I called Netgear. They directed me to change the wifi channels. I did. They then told me my firmware version (currently v1.03.06) needed to be updated to v1.02.09. They said only Spectrum could do this. 


I called Spectrum to tell them this. They told me they were unable to do this and I needed to call Netgear again. I gave up here and decided to try this. 


Again, I don't know much about networking. If you need any information from me to help me solve this I'd be happy to provide it. 





Model: C6300|AC1750 Cable Modem Router Docsis 3.0
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Re: C6300v2 Dropping Internet

Log into the modem and take a screen snip of the cable connections page the the modems logs. This lets us check the connection back to the isp. 

When the wired is dropping along with wireless, changing the wireless channels isn't the issue. It tends to be a signal issue. And the technician who simply rebooted it, probably didn't change anything that would impact the signal. 

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