C7000-100NAS vpn connectivity issues

I am having trouble connecting to my work's VPN with my  C7000-100NAS routher. My job uses a PPTP connection. I have searched throught all the fourms and tried all the suggestions but I cannot connect. The answers I have seen is that all routers allow for VPN Passthrough, which should allow an automatic connection with no setup requried. I used the default settings to connect and it does not work. I allowed the port forwarding to the PPTP port and that does not work either. What other options are there to get this to work?

Model: C7000|Nighthawk - AC1900 WiFi Cable Modem Router
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Re: C7000-100NAS vpn connectivity issues

If you are trying to connect to your PPTP connection via Client on your Laptop, C7000 should be able to passthrough that. 

c7000 DOES NOT HAVE any PPTP client in it. 


If you problem with pass through, try following


1. Does PPTP work with BRIDGE mode with just 1 PC connected behind C7000?

2. Does PPTP work when you your laptop in DMZ?

3. Does PPTP work if you disable firewall?

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