Re: C7000v2 getting only speeds of 80-150


C7000v2 getting only speeds of 80-150

I have the C7000v2 modem/router. I've only had it 8 months. The support will cost $100 to see if we can get me faster speeds than 85-120. I pay Comcast for speeds up to 1200. Comcast tech came out and tested the line. He said it was most likely my modem. Wired speeds are like 250. Such a rip off to pay what I paid and they won't even send a warranty replacement unless I pay for their service. Hoping to find answers here.
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Re: C7000v2 getting only speeds of 80-150

A couple things. 

1. the C7000 won't hit 1200mbps. I think comcast rates it for something like 800mbps.

2. Those speeds are wired. Wireless won't hit those speeds. 

3. 2.4ghz is much slower than 5ghz. and its more sensitive to interference. 

4. 5ghz doesn't broadcast as far and so its speed fall off faster than 2.4ghz. 


So what I'm getting at.

1. you only get 250mbps wired. Do you have a screen snip of the cable connections page and the event logs? That lets us check the signal

2. What device are you testing wired on and what site/sites/servers are you speed testing on. 

3. make sure any speedtesting over wireless is done over 5ghz. I wouldn't expect more than that roughly 250-300mbps out of that router over 5ghz

4. A lot also depends on the devices you're testing on. A wireless device with only a 1x1 antenna setup is only going to have half the speed of one with a 2x2. 


I usually advise people to get their wired speeds where they should be first. That device might not max out your speeds but you should get better than 250mbps wired. 

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Re: C7000v2 getting only speeds of 80-150

If you pay for 1200Mpbs from your ISP, it's recommended that you change out the C7000 modem and try NGs CM2000 series as this modem does support 1200Mpbs...


Also be sure you have a wired PC network adapter that can take advantage of 1200Mpbs. Most current PC or laptops only operate at 1000Mpbs. There are adapters that support 2.5Gb and 5Gb wired connection rate speeds.


If not, you should reduce the ISP speed package to the level of where the C7000 Modem can work well at it's limits. 

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