C700v2 wireless buttons


C700v2 wireless buttons

Just wanted to help someone who is banging their head against the wall because the wireless is not showing up on your device settings - there are two buttons on the front that look like tabs that hold the housing together.  Push those and the wireless will turn on.  They don't look like buttons and are almost invisible to a casual glance.  They are "usually on" (per my helpful support tech) when the router is powered up but were not turned on on my router.  Hope this helps someone.  And it would have been really helpful to mention the buttons in the instructions.

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Re: C700v2 wireless buttons

> C700v2 wireless buttons




> [...] And it would have been really helpful to mention the buttons in
> the instructions.


   Which "the instructions"?


   Visit , put in your (actual) model number,
and look for Documentation.  Get the User Manual (at least).  Read.
Look for the LED descriptions and "Troubleshoot".  Pay particular
attention to the "WiFi On/Off button with LED" (page 10).


   Further reading might not hurt, either.

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Re: C700v2 wireless buttons

Responding to snarky remark by Antinode:

It is really hard to read the documentation that is on the web when you can not access the web due to the wireless functions being turned off.   

Netgear documentation shiped with the device has taken minimalism to a new level.  That is great if everything works, NOT so great if there is a problem!   If everything works you don't need the documentation,  if everything doesn't work you can't access the documentation to find out why.   A clear case of catch-22. 

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