Re: C7100V and parental controls/dns settings


C7100V and parental controls/dns settings

Netgear C7100V Cable modem/router with voice.


Parental controls don't work.  Furthermore, if I manually enter OpenDNS as the IPv4 servers, it also doesn't work.  It appears that this modem has the Comcast IPv6 DNS servers entered and I don't see a way to delete them or to turn off IPv6.  So it is impossible to block any internet traffic because the router always bypasses the IPv4 DNS servers and only uses the IPv6 (Comcast) servers.


Hopefully someone has a fix or Netgear will issue a firmware fix for this obvious bug in new equipment.

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Re: C7100V and parental controls/dns settings

Hello bnichols


By default Comcast will push the IPv6 configuration to all its customers, and devices behind the gateway will get an IPv6 address as well. For Parental Control to work currently, we need to disable IPv6 on the client device, since the Dynamic DNS does not support IPv6 server currently. This will be supported in a future release.

How to shut down the interface in various devices:

MACbook Pro

1. Desktop > GO > Applications
2. Open Terminal
3. Shutdown IPv6 Interface
4. networksetup -setv6off Wi-Fi
5. Check IPv6 interface is turned off


1. Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network Sharing Center > Internet
2. Disable Internt Protocol Version 6 in Properties > Internet Protocol Version 6(TCP/IPv6) > Properties on the Pop up Window




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Re: C7100V and parental controls/dns settings

Thanks DarrenM,

I'm sure your solution works but is not entirely accurate.  My problem occurred because I had an extender (on AP mode) using the same SSID and password as the modem/router.  Changing the extender to a unique SSID fixed the problem and I am able to use parental controls successfully with the C7100V.  I did not need to make any changes to the client's IPv6 settings.


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Re: C7100V and parental controls/dns settings

Follow-up on this thread.


The c7100v indeed has a bug that does not allow custom IPv4 DNS settings - it will always override them with Comcast's IPv6 servers.  So if you want to customize your DNS settings don't get this router.  I have been through both Netgear and Comcast/Xfinity support with no resolution.  The slightly good news is that if you choose to use Parental Controls (and like OpenDNS), enabling that will still work to filter your web content for your network.

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