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C7100V slow on Comcast

ok, guys I am trying to figure out why the wi-fi part of this is slow. I have had it since Febuary tomstop paying Comcast rental and I still have an Apple airport extreme setup to use with it.Airport is 3 feet from Nitehawk and I sit 6-7 feet from both.

Nitehawk has the latest Comcast firmware 2.02.42, I can do a speedtest on my macbook pro 2019 model and the 7100 wifi will get download speeds of 158mps 25ms latency and I have 300 down from Comcast.

Switch to the Airport extreme wifi, open a new tab run same test I will get 238 down 37ms latentcy from the same location, 6 ft away from both routers.

       I can run same test's on my iPhone 11pro and get basically the same results, why is the Apple router faster and it's the last model they made around 2014 and the Nitehawk is relativly a year old? any setting I should or could change?

Model: C7100V|Nighthawk AC1900 WiFi Cable Modem Router
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