C7500 netgear Nighthawk connection drops


C7500 netgear Nighthawk connection drops

Been having this problem for about 2 months now. It gets random connection drops throughout the day were the devices remain connected but theres no internet connection until the router is reset, does the same on LAN. Ive had Techs come over and inspect everything but they say everything is fine on the ISP end and that all the wire connections are good.

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Re: C7500 netgear Nighthawk connection drops

can you please post 3 items for review here:


1. Connection Table

2. Event logs

3. Logs


All of these are available in the GUI, take screenshots or print-PDF them and post them here. 

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Re: C7500 netgear Nighthawk connection drops

Installed on October 13 2018 and ever since I brought this home my Outlook email Drops and Freezes plus some other apps and software is slow to respond. I have tried everything and called everyone. My IT Department is workinng on it, called Netgear twice and have not gotten it fixed. Called Spectrum and they dont want to get involved.   If I dont get this fixed yet I am bringing it back. This is the 4th cable modem roughter I have had in the last years and I can not believe this frustration I feel.


If you have any ideas before I lose it....I wold appreciate it. 

Model: C7000|Nighthawk - AC1900 WiFi Cable Modem Router
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