CM1000 Xfinity Download Speed


CM1000 Xfinity Download Speed

I switched out an xfinity router which gave me


    Download: 250 Mbps
    Upload    :   10 Mbps


For a CM1000. After the provisioning xfinity did everything worked pretty well after that, except for one thing. I've now been consistently getting very low download speeds.




So far I mentioned it to the xfinity representative that handled my provisioning and he said "give it 24 hours". I've also scheduled a technician to come in and upgrade the internet to gigabit internet, but I assumed that if I have low speeds now, likely changing to gigabit internet won't do anything to change the results. Also, from the Event Log I don't seem to be getting any T3 or T4 errors.


Here is the log


<tabindex=-1>Startup Procedure

Acquire Downstream Channel633000000 HzLocked
Connectivity StateOKOperational
Boot StateOKOperational
IP Provisioning ModeHonor MDDIPv6 only

<tabindex=-1>Downstream Bonded Channels

ChannelLock StatusModulationChannel IDFrequencyPowerSNR / MERUnerrored CodewordsCorrectable CodewordsUncorrectable Codewords
1LockedQAM25624633000000 Hz3.9 dBmV42.9 dB8235165100
2LockedQAM2561483000000 Hz3.2 dBmV42.9 dB8113643100
3LockedQAM2562489000000 Hz3.3 dBmV43.0 dB8114614700
4LockedQAM2563495000000 Hz3.5 dBmV43.3 dB8115476300
5LockedQAM2564507000000 Hz3.7 dBmV43.3 dB8116410100
6LockedQAM2565513000000 Hz3.8 dBmV43.4 dB8117352600
7LockedQAM2566519000000 Hz3.9 dBmV43.4 dB8118257400
8LockedQAM2567525000000 Hz3.6 dBmV43.2 dB8119172800
9LockedQAM2568531000000 Hz3.9 dBmV43.4 dB8120135800
10LockedQAM2569537000000 Hz3.9 dBmV43.4 dB8121051300
11LockedQAM25610543000000 Hz3.1 dBmV43.0 dB8121947400
12LockedQAM25611549000000 Hz3.1 dBmV43.0 dB8122891500
13LockedQAM25612561000000 Hz3.5 dBmV43.0 dB8123833100
14LockedQAM25613567000000 Hz3.3 dBmV43.0 dB8124764300
15LockedQAM25614573000000 Hz3.7 dBmV42.9 dB8125740100
16LockedQAM25615579000000 Hz4.0 dBmV43.1 dB8126636500
17LockedQAM25616585000000 Hz3.6 dBmV43.2 dB8127581200
18LockedQAM25617591000000 Hz3.3 dBmV43.1 dB8128483400
19LockedQAM25618597000000 Hz3.6 dBmV43.0 dB8129426000
20LockedQAM25619603000000 Hz3.7 dBmV43.1 dB8130399500
21LockedQAM25620609000000 Hz3.3 dBmV42.9 dB8131329900
22LockedQAM25621615000000 Hz3.7 dBmV42.9 dB8132196700
23LockedQAM25622621000000 Hz3.5 dBmV42.5 dB8132867900
24LockedQAM25623627000000 Hz3.7 dBmV42.9 dB8133388800
25Not LockedUnknown00 Hz0.0 dBmV0.0 dB000
26Not LockedUnknown00 Hz0.0 dBmV0.0 dB000
27Not LockedUnknown00 Hz0.0 dBmV0.0 dB000
28Not LockedUnknown00 Hz0.0 dBmV0.0 dB000
29Not LockedUnknown00 Hz0.0 dBmV0.0 dB000
30Not LockedUnknown00 Hz0.0 dBmV0.0 dB000
31Not LockedUnknown00 Hz0.0 dBmV0.0 dB000
32Not LockedUnknown00 Hz0.0 dBmV0.0 dB000

<tabindex=-1>Upstream Bonded Channels

ChannelLock StatusModulationChannel IDFrequencyPower
1LockedATDMA2936500000 Hz46.8 dBmV
2LockedATDMA3030100000 Hz48.0 dBmV
3LockedATDMA3123700000 Hz48.0 dBmV
4LockedATDMA3217300000 Hz48.5 dBmV
5Not LockedUnknown00 Hz0.0 dBmV
6Not LockedUnknown00 Hz0.0 dBmV
7Not LockedUnknown00 Hz0.0 dBmV
8Not LockedUnknown00 Hz0.0 dBmV

<tabindex=-1>Downstream OFDM Channels

ChannelLock StatusModulation / Profile IDChannel IDFrequencyPowerSNR / MERActive Subcarrier Number RangeUnerrored CodewordsCorrectable CodewordsUncorrectable Codewords
1Locked0, 125693000000 Hz4.0 dBmV40.5 dB1108 ~ 298747364301966680
2Not Locked000 Hz0.2 dBmV0.0 dB0 ~ 4095000

<tabindex=-1>Upstream OFDMA Channels

ChannelLock StatusModulation / Profile IDChannel IDFrequencyPower
1Not LockedUnknown00 Hz0 dBmV
2Not LockedUnknown00 Hz0 dBmV
Model: CM1000|DOCSIS® 3.1
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Re: CM1000 Xfinity Download Speed

This couple be a simple mix up I have seen it happen many times. I would contact the ISP and have them check your account they could of added your CM1000 and not removed the old modem from your account if so the CM1000 gets assigned a slow internet speed where the old modem has the 250mbps connection still on it.



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