CM1000 modem connectd to WNDR4500 router

I upgraded cable modem from a Netgear CM400 to a Netgear CM1000. I contacted Comcast to activate the new mode. The instructions were to connect the modem to my desktop computer with an ethernet cable and they activated the new mode. At that time I had an internet connection on my desktop. After I changed the ethernet connection from modem/computer to modem/WNDR4500 router and the desktop computer to the router, I had a wifi internet connection on my laptop but no internet ethernet connections on my desktop from the router and no ethernet port lights were lit on the router. After an hour of Comcast trying different things, I gave up and reactivated the CM400 modem and now everthing works fine with the CM400 connected to the WNDR4500. Comcast told me to call Netgear.

Model: CM1000|DOCSIS® 3.1
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Re: CM1000 modem connectd to WNDR4500 router

#1. power off all the devices.

#2. power on CM1000 and activate it. 

#3. Confirm there is INTERNET by hard-wiring desktop and then remove the laptop

#4. Reboot the CM1000 and then connect WNDR4500 and power it on.

#5. Restore factory defaults on WNDR4500 and check again.


at any point, please DO NOT connect multiple devices behind CM1000 without rebooting. it can ONLY provide 1 Public IP. 

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Re: CM1000 modem connectd to WNDR4500 router

Success!!! I contacted Comcast today to give this activation a second chance. This time I had a different rep with different setup instructions. He had me connect the modem to the router instead off my desktop computer to activate the modem. The activation worked and I have internet connections on all 4 ports on  the router and wireless connections on other devices. I did not do a factory reset on the router, so any configuration changes I made to the router config were the same as yesterday.

Model: CM1000|DOCSIS® 3.1
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