Comcast modem + Orbi


I am a Comcast customer and I want to replace the rented modem I have by a CM700 and install a Orbi Router and maybe a satellite Orbi.

I want to know what is the best solution.

I live in a 1500 sf apartment, my Comcast internet service today is up to 150 Mbs. Wifi signal on the opposite side of the router location is poor.

Does 1 Orbi router will provide better wifi signal for the whole apartment or should I get a satellite Orbi for that. Thank you

Model: CM700|DOCSIS® 3.0 32x8
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Re: Comcast modem + Orbi

It all depends on the environment you can start by getting a orbi router and adding the satellite later if it is needed to reach a spot with bad coverage.



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