Re: Fix netgear C7000 modem bugs ect

Fix netgear C7000 modem bugs ect

The modem have the last fimware is 1.0.15

This modem have some bugs

Fix the portforward not working corecly you put all the port and don't open the games nat port fix that

Fix something rare why the ready share conect if is disable on the portsame fix that and there is nothing to disable full readyshare this cold be vulnerable

Fix upnp not reconise or detect other equipment and don't apears on the upnp the device fix that always the upnp have problems detecting the port and the device conected fix that

Fix the control device when you allow all device allow or block get glish and if you set block and allow it sometimes the device block it self and or not.reconise it
Or conect that Part need to be a hake cold by pass the security if you conect from wireless cold be vulnerable

Fix the firewall not log other ports and some of them not show up is important the firewall always detail everything to know if someone if atackin you or so meting else

Update the nat speed for better performance and better privacy and gaming performance some time nat and firewall slow down your Internet speedownload or corrupts slowing down the network

Add this feature remove device conected to Internet and block it

Why you don't make a speed test inside of the modem to test the signal so you will always know you have the full speed because some times server are overload and not get the full speed test think about it

My is Internet provider is liberty cable vision

Just helping to make a better and secure device

Make a fimware update and fix all bugs ect
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Re: Fix netgear C7000 modem bugs ect

Hello Kakshi2000


Thank you for your suggestions I have moved your other post to the Idea exchange board so your suggestions can get more views and kudos.



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Re: Fix netgear C7000 modem bugs ect

what happen they still not make the fimware update to fix the bugs or is because they dont care about it


is important they always update the device to make it secure and have better performance and stavility 

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