Horrible Wi-Fi Performance - Needing constant reboots to recover on C6300

I have had a terrible experience with horrible Wi-Fi performance for the past 8 months, having to reboot my C6300 device daily like many others on your community board.  I have XFINITY for an ISP and have no issues with hard-wired performance.  I have read other posts on this board with t he same exact issue and I unfortunately had already conducted all measures that the others had.  Reading some of the moderator posts was very discouraging as well!  We have all worked tirelessly on resolving this issue ourselves before taing to community boards, trying anything from basic steps to painstaking ours of troubleshooting and configuration changes.  Let’s also be clear this is not an FAQ page.  We have a specific problem and want a specific fix, not a how to on network connectivity from layer 1 up.  Just in case… I am certain the cable is plugged in and the modem is powered up.  I have tried to manipulate the wi-fi channels selecting the least used strongest channels and bouncing around likea  whack-a-mole using the genie diag tool all to no avail.  This product used to hum along just fine, and then suddenly started acting up.  As time has gone on during the course of the last year, it has gotten worse and worse. I am a 20 year IT network security industry vet and have troubleshot enough network gear to know something outside of what I have done or not done is the problem.  If I had to guess I’d say it was a bug in a firmware upgrade provided to ISPs to help managed all the recent at home traffic.  I shouldn’t have to guess, so I called tech support only to be told that it will cost as much as a new device to get somebody technical to take a look at my problem.  It seems obvious to me that this is a common problem with your C6300 device, exhibiting a well-established issue with the same behavior as many other posts on this community board.  We are all frustrated with constant terrible performance ad having to reset the device multiple times a day.  Having to reboot your device or buy a different Wi-Fi router to plug into the Lan port to get reliable connectivity is not an acceptable solution.   You should provide a firmaware fix, or work with each of us to understand and corret the problem, and or replace the product with a relible one if need be.  My ticket number is 43010812 and I would like to have someone reach out to me and let me know how you intend to fix this obviously common problem and maintain a longtime netgear customer.  This is easily more than my 10th netgear device, but will be the last if I can’t get you to stand by your products.  

Model: C6300|AC1750 Cable Modem Router Docsis 3.0
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