How to use N450 (CG3000Dv2) as modem only, connected to R6300v2 router on Comcast


How to use N450 (CG3000Dv2) as modem only, connected to R6300v2 router on Comcast

Hi, I hope somebody can help me.


I have found questions similar to mine, but my modem/router interface at has slightly different wording than I have found in other posts, and I am very nervous about screwing things up. 


I have finally figured out that most of our internet slow-down problems are likely the fault of too much traffic on the 2.4 GHz frequency (all channels), and so I got a Netgear R6300v2 dual band router on Craigslist, and am hoping I can use my current modem+router (Netgear N450 (CG3000Dv2)) as a modem only, connected to the R6300v2 router. 


In case it matters, the hardware version on the N450 is R2.05A2

and the firmware version is V3.01.06


In the online interface, in the left side menu on the advanced tab,, under Advanced Setup, there is nothing called "bridge mode" or "modem mode", but I do have a link for "NAT mode".


I also have the following additional menu options under "Advanced Setup", along with "NAT Mode": "Wireless Settings", "Port Forwarding/Port Triggering", "Dynamic DNS", "Remote Management", "UPnP", "Traffic Meter", and "LAN Switch". 


I am a little confused about the exact roles of the modem and router as far as doling out IP addresses and making sure data arrives and leaves in an orderly manner.  Because of this, I am not sure of exactly what features should be switched off on the N450 so that it is just a modem.


Under "NAT Mode" there is one option, to either check or uncheck the box for "Turn NAT On", and I am guessing that for the N450 to operate as a modem only, this will need to be unchecked, so that NAT is turned off. Is this correct? 


Do I also need to somehow turn off the radio signal coming out of the N450? Are there are settings that need to be changed? 


Do I need to do a factory reset on the N450 prior to doing all of this?


I am also wondering if I need to tell Comcast about the changes, or if, since I am still using the same modem, they don't really care, and won't be able to tell the difference.


Please let me know if there is anything I am overlooking.




Model: N450 (CG3000Dv2)|N450 WiFi Cable Modem Router
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Re: How to use N450 (CG3000Dv2) as modem only, connected to R6300v2 router on Comcast

UPDATE: I just got off the phone with Netgear technical support. I made it clear to them that I just wanted to know if their product was capable of being put into bridge mode, and if so, where in the manual I could find that information. She was very reluctant to answer my question without charging me for it. She was not able to find a manual for the product on her end, and after a couple of minutes of trying to get me to a proper spot in the manual (using PDF search for DHCP, which occurs 36 times in the manual), gave up and concluded it was not possible to put this device into bridge mode, and told me to go out an buy a different modem. So, there you go, according to Netgear, it is not possible to put the N450 into bridge mode. 

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Re: How to use N450 (CG3000Dv2) as modem only, connected to R6300v2 router on Comcast

Hello Lizmari


That is correct there is no real way to make this modem only what you could do is turn off the SSID broadcast and then under LAN settings you can disable the DHCP server and then connect it to the router but this might not be the best solution.



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