Intermittant Loss of Internet Connection -- Netgear


Intermittant Loss of Internet Connection -- Netgear

Windows 7 Ultimate

Netgear CM400 Modem (purchased just 8 days ago)

Netgear N300 Wireless Router (Model WNR2000v5) with WiFi disabled (purchased 1 year ago)

ISP Spectrum (aka Time Warner Cable)


I am getting intermittant loss of my Internet connection, sometimes several times in a hour and sometimes after a day or two.  Sometimes, the connection is restored in less than a minute without any action on my part.  Sometimes, restoring the connection requires a modem reboot via my Web browser.  Sometimes, restoring the connection requires unplugging the modem (and router), waiting, and then plugging the router. 


In the latter case, the indicator lights sometimes show -- in sequence -- power on, downstream blinking and then steady green, upstream blinking and then steady green, and Internet blinking green.  Then, the Internet light goes out, and the upstream light begins to blink.  Sometimes, even the upstream light goes out, and the downstream light blinks.  I cannot tell what the lights show during a reboot via my Web browser because the modem and router are in another room from my PC. 


Spectrum says they show no outages in my area.  They suggested my router is failing.  They advised me to plug my PC directly into the modem (leaving my wife without an Internet connection via the router) when I reboot.  That did not help; I could not get an Internet connection at all that way. 


Is there a way to test my modem from my PC?  Is there some way to determine if the problem is at my end or with Spectrum? 


NOTE:  I lost my Internet connection just as I was about to post this problem.  I was able to restore it via a software reboot via my browser when a minute elapsed without the connection becoming restored automatically. 

Model: CM400v1|DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem
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Re: Intermittant Loss of Internet Connection -- Netgear

After repeated denials that their system was causing my loss of Internet connection, Spectrum finally admitted they had an area-wide Internet outage that did not affect TV.  The outage lasted several hours.  This reply, however, shows that the outage was finally fixed. 


Nevertheless, I would still be interested in knowing how to distinguish between an ISP problem and a problem local to my household's LAN (local-area network).  I understand there might be applications that can test a modem and that I can download and install on my PC. 

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Re: Intermittant Loss of Internet Connection -- Netgear

Again, Spectrum denied that they had any outages affecting my area.  They claimed they could not find a record of anyone telling me that they had such an outage. 


Yesterday (29 December), the frequency of losing an Internet connection increased as did the time taken for an automatic reconnection.  Finally, in the mid-afternoon, the Netgear modem completely failed to reconnect.  I attempted a reboot by disconnecting the power, waiting about 15 minutes, and then reconnecting the power.  The power-on light would go on.  The downstream light would blink and then go steady.  The upstream light would blink but not go steady.  Sometimes, the upstream light would go out; and the downstream light would start blinking.  Then the downstream light would again go steady, and the upstream light would again blink.  During this time, the Internet light never even blinked. 


I returned the modem to Best Buy that night for a refund and replaced it with a Motorola MB7220 modem.  I immediately installed that modem.  Since then, I have not had any problems with my Internet connection.  Nevertheless, I will not cancel the appointment for an on-site visit by a Spectrum service technician. 


Since my connection problems were acute only in the afternoon and it is still morning here, I will hold judgement as to whether the Netgear modem was defective or Spectrum was causing my problem. 

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Re: Intermittant Loss of Internet Connection -- Netgear

I just got this A6210 after my A6200 failed. I have been having intermittant loss of Internet Connection. Today is started losing connection again after my computer was on for 1 hour. It would reconnect after 10-20 seconds. Then finally it wouldn't reconnect on its own. I checked my internet with my phone and the connection was working. I had to disconnect my A6210 and then reconnect and seem to work. It has been working now for the last 15 minutes. 


The problem has been happening from the start.

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Re: Intermittant Loss of Internet Connection -- Netgear

Last week, I again was having intermittant outages, becoming more frequent and each becoming longer.  My service is Spectrum (previously Time Warner Cable).  My TV was working fine. 


The problem did not seem to be my Netgear router (N300 Wireless, Model WNR2000v5).  Instead, the online indicator on my Motorola modem (MB7220 V1.0, 5 months old) was off and the upstream indicator would not stop blinking, meaning ranging was in progress but no channel was connected.  Rebooting the modem did not resolve the problem. 


Spectrum said that they had no outage in my area but they could not detect my modem.  Spectrum's attitude was that the problem was mine and not theirs.  However, they sent a technician out to my house.  Lo and behold, the problem was a bad connector in Spectrum's junction at the street!  This is, it was their problem and not mine. 


Even if your phone is VoIP and works, the problem might indeed be with your service.  If your phone is mobile or land-line, the problem is even more likely your service.  The next time the problem happens, do nothing to fix it.  Instead, call your ISP and have them check their lines, junctions, etc. 

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