Looking for advice on upgrades

I'm looking for some help and advice. I currently have an Aries cable modem with 400/40 internet speed. I have a FVS318N for my router, and I dont use the wireless...I use a WAC730. Both items are business class units. I like using business class because of the warranty methods that they offer. But I'm constantly having issues getting the full speed that I need through my current devices. Whether it's a setting or some other features that as a novice don't know how to fix or setup.

I'm looking for advice for swapping out my router for something different. I would like to still utilize my access point if possible. But if not that's okay as well. I would like to be able to connect wirelessly to something as well as hard-wired and get the full speed that I'm paying for from my internet service provider. Whether another business class unit or I go to the gaming devices. I don't know what to do and I'm looking for some pointers and advise if anyone could help me please.

I have the following currently on my router.
-37 devices getting IP's (with more to come)
- VoIP phone from my cell prividers (wireless)
- Two TV's that stream video daily (hardwired)
- 2 laptop's (hardwired)
- CCTV system that I access through my router when not on my network (hardwired)

* needs to have at least 5 ports on it for hardwired connected devices.

Needs to be able to do both 2.4 and 5 on the wireless as some wireless stuff use 5 (phones & tablets) while others use 2.4 (All 14 smarthome devices)

Now that Netgear no longer supports VPN routers. I want to start upgrading now before it gets too late. I do not use the VPN feature of the router that I currently have. Thanks for the advice in advance.
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Re: Looking for advice on upgrades

No advice??
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