Make wirless for the next modem and router

Make wirless for the next modem and router

Why wirless always been vulnerable

Increase the security encryption with enhance security so cold not break by any dicionary attack to get the password or bypass the security.

Secure wirless package so hakera can't see the package or learn how it works to bypass

Update wirless security to prevent dos attacks handshake attacks ,ssd wirless name ,jamming ,wps ap ect any attack and make it unavilable

Or try to scan wirless

Make wirless anti exploit

Update upnp to detect any hidden connected device and show the name of the device on the upnp ect

Update log to say the device conceted name ect

Update witless frame security

Update wirless manage t frame speed and security for all

Update wirless led move with out be connected fix that

Update wirless walan security

Make a full wirless monitoring

Make full firewall monitoring

New intrusion prevention wirless, land network ect

Make.full network monitoring

Ect just helping

Make a new.modern software

Make https all software ect

Just helping
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Re: Make wirless for the next modem and router

And from any wirless virus ect
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