Modem reboots due to line issues

Model AC1750 (Serial: 3LM35B75A1E5F). I had an open case Netgear wasn't suppose to close on this issue that was intermittent and they closed it without me time to contact them.

I found that the line is completely clean and that the modem is what is faulty. Thus i need another RMA but Netgear won't because they closed my case. Since my modem is faulty Again and i paid over $100 for a modem yet i can't get my money back or get it replaced because of another faulty one and them closing the case. What should i do?

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Re: Modem reboots due to line issues

You will have to contact support again and open another case.



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Re: Modem reboots due to line issues

It won't let me create a new ticket. I have tried to contact a support person at Netgear but with no response. This item might be out of warranty but the problem still exists that I originally complained about. I need someone at netgear to contact me via message/email ASAP about this issue. The modem should be replaced as it seems netgear didn't do everything they could to find out what the issue was. 

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