QOS setup for X-Box 1 ans Netgear EVA Applications


QOS setup for X-Box 1 ans Netgear EVA Applications

So like most others, I have been dealing with terrible lag and difficulty connecting to the so-called dedicated multiplayer Halo 5 servers. So, among other tweaks, I configured the QOS settings on my WNDR3300 to address the issues until I can afford to upgrade my router to something a little more up to date. Anyway, while configuring the QOS for Halo 5, I saw a setting for "Netgear EVA Applications" that was set to "high" priority. My google searches for WNDR 3300 + QOS + Netgear EVA Applications came back with little other than obscure references where only "EVA application" happened to be mentioned.


So, before I change the EVA App QOS priority to low or delete this entry altogether, I am hoping someone can tell me if doing so will F with wireless streaming to devices I use, like  a playstation 4, apple TV, or anything streamed to an iPad or laptop, e.g., Netflix etc.


Thanks in Advance!



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Re: QOS setup for X-Box 1 ans Netgear EVA Applications

With 25 + views and no responses, it seems like most people are looking for a way to deal with the lag/lag spikes that has almost ruined Halo 5 multiplier for me. So, what I did to decrease, but not totally rid, the lag/lag spikes was this:


  1. Port Forwarding

I forwarded all 5 ports used by Xbox (1 or 360) to a static port – I used 199. This alone did wonders to decrease the lag and make Arena and Warzone playable. It is really easy to do. I suggest the following site for detailed instructions: portforward DOT com/networking/static-ip-xbox-one/ They sell a small executable that does the job for you, but don’t waste your $$$. It is easy and will teach you a thing or two.

  1. QoS (Quality of Service)

Depending on your router, giving priority to your Xbox over everything else accessing your router on your home network really helps and together with the forwarded ports, allows me to play all multiplayer games with only rare lag…it still happens, but I am no longer running into a wall with no control over movement. For directions, look up your browser’s manual, log onto your router by entering into your browser and make sure the person who insists on watching a movie on Netflix while streaming music from Pandora and playing some lame internet based game gets 2% of your router’s bandwidth while you have the other 90% + at your disposal. For me at least, whenever I would ask who was hogging all the bandwidth, I would get blank stares back. Now, guess who is asking about the bandwidth hog?....well it’s not me!


Finally, QoS and port forwarding won’t do much if you have a slow internet connection or a router from 1998. So, make sure the most important bits – internet connection speed and corresponding up to date router is the first thing to look at to address lag.


Now, please! Someone tell me what’s “Netgear EVA Applications.”


PS: I cannot post this until I include some detail, so:


Netgear WNDR330 V2 (Bought Nighthawk AC3200 today at Fry's - so all of my problems should be gone by tomorrow morning)

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Re: QOS setup for X-Box 1 ans Netgear EVA Applications

It is EXTREMELY difficult to find out what a Netgear EVA is, but as more of us attempt to maximize QoS, especially on our older routers (mine is a Netgear WNDR3700 dual band version 0 - it has just the model no. with no version information - LOL), we are interested in the QoS frame in our router administration dashboard. I have been deleting all the entries that I know I don't need, but lacking information on "Netgear EVA," I left it in the list. Finally I thought what images might come up if I search google for "netgear eva" and one of the top entries was from a slashdot review of Netgear's OTT 1080p streamer, the EVA9100. So now we know - except I still wonder about the EVA acronym!

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