Should I move N450 (CG3000DV2), or add PowerLIne and router?


Should I move N450 (CG3000DV2), or add PowerLIne and router?



I have a problem to solve with my home wifi set up. My cable comes into my garage at the end of my ranch style house and connects to my N450 (CG3000DV2) cable modem and router. The problem is that my home office is at the opposite end of the house where the signal is weak after passing through multiple walls, appliances, etc. One option is to move the router to the middle of the house, but the data signal would have to pass through at least three splitters before reaching the modem. I have been told that will have a seriously negative impact on speeds, but I don't know how good that information is. The other option would be to buy two Powerlines, plug one in near the modem and connect them with an ethernet cable, then plug the other Powerline adapter in near the center of the house or even closer to the home office, and then connect a router to the second Powerline adapter. However, I don't know if I can do that unless I set the N450 to bridge mode, and I don't know if I can do that.


Suggestions and advice will be appreciated!

Model: N450 (CG3000Dv2)|N450 WiFi Cable Modem Router
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Re: Should I move N450 (CG3000DV2), or add PowerLIne and router?

Hello DanOH


you may want to check out this KB and the related articles on the right side.



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