Re: Spectrum Ultra 400Mbits c7000 Slow 5G wifi


Spectrum Ultra 400Mbits c7000 Slow 5G wifi

Hi, I upgraded to Spectrum 400/20 Ultra. I have several devices all of which are getting 150-180mbits over wifi.


Hardwired test gave me 490/22.


All my devices are AC and my desktops have USB 3.0 AC1200.


Ive tried setting channels, lower the speed mode, trying different tweaks and nothing seems to help.


Ive confirmed that my devices are connected to the 5G. Only 2 devices on 2.4G which are my smart plugs and a old tablet only capable of 2.4G


Ive tested with wifi laptops and devices all parts of home and get same results.180mbits.


The link speed shows 433mbits while my desktops with the better adapter show 866mbits.


The signal is up all the time, no drop.


I know there is no QoS, only WMM but that dont work either. Only thing I havent done is a factory default.


Any suggestions?

Model: C7000|Nighthawk - AC1900 WiFi Cable Modem Router
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Re: Spectrum Ultra 400Mbits c7000 Slow 5G wifi

How can you falsely advertise something when I am only getting 180mbits on all devices?

You claim 1.3 Gbps wifi but I can only get 180mbits wifi?

You can't tell me that every device is bad when all I get is the same speeds across all devices.

How can you sell cheap like this. To make it worse you don't even allow the consumer to upgrade or downgrade the firmware and say only our ISPs can? Why is this?

Why don't you allow us to upgrade or downgrade our firmware? Is there a problem with allowing us to do this? Whats the real reason?

It could be the firmware that's bad that's causing this sort of thing that's happening but you don't allow us to update or roll back.

Instead you sell us an expensive brick that in hope it'll work and if it don't oh well.

That is one heck of a thing to do to your community.

You want us to support you by buying your product but not willing to give us support or the ability to do things ourselves.

When I see the same speeds across all devices of 180mbits its hard to believe that out of all those devices and all the settings I've tried does not work.

I bought a AC router and wanted to go wireless rather then have wires throughout my home that makes it look messy which is why I spent 200.00 on this router expecting to get some what descent speeds.

I had 100/10 and I knew that and expected that. My actual speeds were 115 to 120 and 10.20.

But when I upgraded to 400/20 and get 180/20 I am only getting 80mbit more then what I had. That is an issue.

The 2 things I haven't done is factory reset the router which I don't think will help. Or roll back to older firmware but you don't allow us to do for our own equipment WE BOUGHT.

Then I leave a message on your forums because you want to charge me to call up support which is a crock of carp.

So what gives? No one responding from Netgear. What do you know. So typical. Used to think Netgear was good and stood behind their products. But I am starting to think otherwise.

Shall I go back to Linksys? Some other brand? I don't want to but I am left with no choice.

I take in consideration that wifi isn't as good as Ethernet. But I do expect 250-300, not 180. 80 more then what I was getting with 100/10 mbits.
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Re: Spectrum Ultra 400Mbits c7000 Slow 5G wifi

This clearly shows that Netgear has no interest in responding or providing help to their customers.

When they lack support giving to those asking for help. Then I get impression they do not care about us. Unless their is a profit to be made even when their products are broken and unfixed do to being greedy and making they money and screwing us over in the process.

Linksys here i come. Netgear you need to both improve your products and provide better support.
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Re: Spectrum Ultra 400Mbits c7000 Slow 5G wifi

Its been several days sence i left this message and not a single person from Netgear has even bothered responding. Wow. Well guess its time to dump netgear and go with one of the other companies.


Be nice if someone could respond from Netgear before making this move.


Trying to give you the chance but it seems you don't care.

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Re: Spectrum Ultra 400Mbits c7000 Slow 5G wifi

So my friend has the same isp same 400/20 speeds. Only he has the r7000 netgear router and I have the c7000 combo.

He is getting 350mbits but I only get 180 to 200?

He has his router at almost the same location as mine and getting 350mbits over wifi.

I need someone from Netgear to help but no one responding.
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Sr. NETGEAR Moderator

Re: Spectrum Ultra 400Mbits c7000 Slow 5G wifi

Hello ZeroCool



The reason the user cant change the firmware is because of the DOCSIS standard all cable modems no matter the company is updated via the ISP the cable companies do not allow manual firmware updates. As for your speed issue, It could be a certain device on the network bringing down the speed have you tried to connect you best wifi device on its own to the wifi and then test it? 



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Re: Spectrum Ultra 400Mbits c7000 Slow 5G wifi

All my 5G devices are AC. Only 3 devices I have on atm are my 2 phones which are 433mbits and my fire tv cube which is AC at 866mbits.

So when I run the test I am getting about 180-200mbits tops.

Is there a setting on my router I can do to possibly turn on/off to get better speeds?

My internet is 400/20. If I test Ethernet I get 490/20 so the cable is fine. Just my wifi seems a bit low.

If I get a switch to hardwired. Do I need a cat6?

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Re: Spectrum Ultra 400Mbits c7000 Slow 5G wifi

I need a new router or a new firmware, sence you wont allow us to update or roll back what do you tend to do? Netgear took my money / hence stole my money but dont want to fix my issue?


This is a wifi issue and want it fixed. What is your solution to resolve this?

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Re: Spectrum Ultra 400Mbits c7000 Slow 5G wifi

It seems Netgear has a issue with this product and support. Here are some of the issues people are having like me.


So, i bought this router modem combo thinking i could cut out the two pieces on my network for one. Not a good idea. Something is wrong with the wifi part of this equipment. I have comcast, and when i got it i called them to install it. That was no problem. I connect all the wires and my comouter was up and running in less than 15 minutes. The wifi, however, was slow and spotty. I checked my speeds with a speed test. Wired 150 down (what i pay for). Wifi i get 40 on the 5gz network and 10 on the 2.4. So i call netgear. First they have me go thru the standard steps, turn it off, change the wifi channel, reset the modem. Then they tell me since the upload channels are not locked i should call comcast. I did. They had no idea what i was talking about. So i call back to netgear, same thing. Go thru the same steps, does no one take notes on the calls? Then they tell me one give it 24 hours (why?) And two i should call comcast. So i say "sure" and just call netgear back. I instantly ask for a manager and get told that they will call me back. That was 4 hours ago and still no call. I think i will return it for a different brand. Don't waste your time.




Purchased this when I switched to Spectrum Internet service. After about a month we started to experience intermittent Internet issues that affected only web traffic. During these events all other Internet traffic worked just fine- only http/80 and https:443 traffic failed. I do this for a living and exhausted all reasonable troubleshooting. Went back and forth with Netgear and Spectrum support. Netgear wouldn't move forward in providing support without a firmware update to the gateway, but they would not provide it to me. They said that Spectrum would need to apply the update. Spectrum said that they had not approved that firmware version as of yet. Therefore, I am left with a flaky router, unable to get any support at all from either the manufacturer or the service provider, and I am essentially out $194.84 since Best Buy will not take a return beyond 30 days. I ended up having to have Spectrum activate their router/gateway at an additional cost to me of $5 month- the very cost I was looking to avoid. I would not recommend purchasing a cable modem gateway period and I cannot recommend Netgear due to lack of support. Terrible support.


If these issues are not going to get resolved then i'll have no choice to report this to BBB as I have delt with them and got my other issues resolved.


Clearly Netgear is responsible for this and should be held accountable for their actions.


You want me to buy more of your products then handle this. You are not.


Spectrum has told me countless time they do not update the firmware. I am tired of being the middle man. If you cant fix or replace then is BBB time. I can promise you they'll get what I need. Balls in your court. Hope you do the right thing.


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Re: Spectrum Ultra 400Mbits c7000 Slow 5G wifi

Am facing the same issue..i have spectrum..and have another chain on this..i just read yours..some how i think spectrum is not good but you do have a point—is your internet better with $5? I had the exact same thought to avoid the cost
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Re: Spectrum Ultra 400Mbits c7000 Slow 5G wifi

Why no one at Netgear is giving me any help on this.

It's clearly a wifi issue on the c7000. No one is giving me any help or documentation or any guides or any kind of help.

There is obviously a ton of setting with in the router but there is very little if any at all that contain any help or information of each setting and what it's supposed to do.

When my friend is getting 350mbits and I am only getting 180mbits there's a serious problem which netgear fails to offer any support.

Its quite annoying especially when I spent 200.00 on a door weight because netgear and Spectrum fail to help me.

But God forbid you took my money and by God you offer support.

I'll never ever but another Netgear product again. I was mislead and told this would work but it doesn't. All I get is a crap load of excuses and lies and bull crap from both Netgear and my ISP.

Why netgear sells these devices in the first place? When you knew you can't update the firmware and only your ISP can which they claim they don't and netgear does nothing then where does that leave the consumer?

Why do you sell these devices? Why don't you recommends us getting a router other then a combo which is pretty much a paper weight // doorstop.

I am very upset with the fact Netgear offers little to no support but to push me off to my ISP which in turn my ISP has no clue and pushes me back to Netgear.

Waste of time and money spent on a product that none support.

You could have recommended the single router solution but rather scammed and stole money from me on a device that doesn't work.

Netgear. You need to make good on this. This is terrible and awful way to sham your customers.
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Re: Spectrum Ultra 400Mbits c7000 Slow 5G wifi

Thing that upsets me they offer little to no help at all and the functions of the router.

Their are a lot of settings they do not go into detail. Fact that they sell these door weights and get away with it and offer no help is terrible. They shouldn't be allowed to sell them at all considering the fact you cannot update them and all netgear and the isp want to do is put you in the middle and being hit with a paddle like a ping pong ball while we spend our money on their junk crap when all they had to do was pull these combos off the shelf and have people just but a router.

I don't understand how they can get away with lying to consumers about the speeds when you have all the new devices? They knew what they were doing otherwise they wouldn't be selling them in the first place.

If the company wasn't so greedy and devious I would have purchased a router. In stead I took a chance and got screwed over because of it.

They still sell these units known They can't be upgraded. No word of warning on the box or places you buy it from.

Netgear has no intentions of fixing this or getting anything done because they just don't care. They made their money stealing it and brushing it under the rug as if their isn't a problem.

Fact is don't waste your money on a combo device as they don't care if you bought it or not.

Corporations have got so greedy and will do anything to make that dollar and not offer support for of which the product they sell.

Netgear is no exception. I bought this because of their advertising. Which is what sold me. But sense I was mislead and lied to I am out of money and left with a paper weight. Sad.

My next product won't be a netgear. Sorry to say but how I feel. You need to stand by your product and not brush us under the rug.
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Re: Spectrum Ultra 400Mbits c7000 Slow 5G wifi

I am very very disappointed in Netgear products and probably will never buy another product again.

After spending countless hours I tried setting the c7000 into gateway mode. But you disable wifi yet LAN is enabled. What is your major malfunction? Then disable DHCP became I am trying another unit and I can't access the c7000?

You've got to be kidding me. What's the point of those settings if you can't use them.

Mode just disables the router and wifi. Why wifi I don't get that But maybe whomever designed it should stop smoking the pipe.

Why disable wifi?

Then DHCP disable it and can't access the router after? What's the point Netgear.

Not only you screwed me over I have a paper weight.

Why have functions of you can't use them? Complete idiots. Plain and simple. IDIOTS.
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Re: Spectrum Ultra 400Mbits c7000 Slow 5G wifi

> [...] I tried setting the c7000 into gateway mode. [...]


   What, exactly, does "gateway mode" mean to you?  Many people use
"gateway" as a synonym for "modem+router".  Do you mean "modem-only"
(the opposite of the usual meaning)?


> [...] But you disable wifi [...]


   How, exactly?


> [...] yet LAN is enabled. What is your major malfunction? [...]


   What's yours?  Why should "disable wifi" affect non-"wifi"?


> [...] Then disable DHCP became I am trying another unit [...]


   "trying another unit"?  What, exactly, are you doing?


> [...] and I can't access the c7000?

   Well, duh.  If you're relying on DHCP, and you "disable DHCP", then
what did you expect to happen?


> [...] What's the point of those settings if you can't use them. [...]


   You can use them if you understand what they do, and when it makes
sense to use them.  If you do not understand what they do, and you do
not understand when it makes sense to use them, then I'd expect


> Not only you screwed me over I have a paper weight.


   Settings reset?


> [...] Complete idiots. Plain and simple. IDIOTS.


   Perhaps somewhere.  Rather than throwing a tantrum, it might help if
you explained what you're trying to do, and what you're actualy doing

(using standard terminology).

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Re: Spectrum Ultra 400Mbits c7000 Slow 5G wifi

First off. I have been patent long enough. I found a modem I could use. But sense Netgear has little to no documentation on anything. I had to find out the hard way. In hopes of trying to remedy the situation I bought a docsis 3.1 modem in hopes I could use the c7000 as a router.

So I went in to advanced and set the mode to gateway. Turns out that it disables the router functions and makes it a modem only. Which btw Netgear don't state that nor there is any resolution. Seems that they don't tell you a darn thing. God forbid.

So I then had a older wifi router. Trying to fix wifi because this paper weight is exactly Just that.

Sense you can't have 2 dhcp I decided to turn off the dhcp on the c7000 making the old router the dhcp but it seems I can't do that.

So what exactly can you do with this box with pretty green lights that does nothing that they charge 200.00 for? Oh I know. A papor weight. Yes papor weight.

They don't offer support, they never respond to anything, they sell junk so what people expect?

Their should be documentation on their crappy products so people would know what each setting does. Not hard. Not like Netgear is NASA and builds rockets. God forbid that happened.

The thing is when I buy something I expect it to work. If it don't play them I at least expect descent manuals that explain things. Too it off they never reply to the forums. Do they even exist? I spent my money on their crap junk when I could have just bought a router and been a happy camper. But noooooo they sold a brick and still do that's how devious they are, and people like me are stuck with a pretty little black box with pretty flashing green LEDS with a box that can't not only be worked and tweaked on but you can't even update the firmware.

Considering there is no descent manuals that explain anything and you can't update the firmware then why are these crap junk boxes even sold. Oh I know. They want to make their money and screw people that's why.

Care to comment on your own forums netgear. I am all ears. Oh But wait you don't leave messages on here do you.

Why have forums if your not going to respond and help people.

Oh I know. Happy face see look a 😀 face. You want us to pay for your support MY BAD Netgear.

Pathetic really. I would rather give my 200.00 to one of these good people in your forums the money. Meaning the public, they actually know more. 😀

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Re: Spectrum Ultra 400Mbits c7000 Slow 5G wifi

> [...] I had to find out the hard way. [...]


   Or you could have asked.


> [...] In hopes of trying to remedy the situation [...]


   Which "the situation"?


> [...] I bought a docsis 3.1 modem [...]




> [...] in hopes I could use the c7000 as a router.


   Probably not a good idea.  With no Ethernet WAN/Internet port, a
Cnnnn modem+router can't be connected to an external modem.  This has
come up before.  For example:


> So I went in to advanced and set the mode to gateway.


   You went _where_?  And did _what_?  What are the actual words on the
screen?  Copy+paste is your friend.  Inventing your own technical terms
does not promote good communication.


> So I then had a older wifi router. [...]


   I don't know which.  I also don't know how you connected any of this


> Pathetic really. [...]


   Something is.  As I had feared, you seem to be more interested in
contnuing your rant than in solving your actual problem (whatever that
might be).  My time is worth more to me than it seems to be to you.
Best of luck in your future endeavors.

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