Ultimate most powerful ideas for security

Ultimate most powerful ideas for security

hi netgear here  new ideas for ultimate security to prevent thos fuking hakers


for modem and raouters


make here


the ultimate anti exploit and exploit mitigation for all



new anti exploit and Exploit Mitigations

new process protection software

new usb protection

Network Lockdown :Helps to stop attacks that connect back to command-and-control

Advanced Threat Reporting and logs

new network anti explot and mitigation = prevent ip clone ,prevent mac pc or modem clone ,prevent dns clone ,prevent device to be clone ,prevent modem  config file be corrupted ,prevent dos and portscan or any other security crash ,tricked or hack or modifie by a haker ,prevent full brute force to crash the modem by any attack to gain acess to the connection or ect,prevent walan or wirless been attack by brute force or bypass

make new security level more higther that https for modem and router login

new memory anti exploit or brute force

software anti exploit

cpu protection and anti exploit

all sharing turn off and put a encription so nope one can turn it on

make new anti exploit wirless to prevent haking and information stealing and eardrops

make dns protection

scrip protection and scrips manipulation and bypass by brute force or comand

new bloking device and security


Privacy and Espionage Protection

Hardware-assisted Control-Flow Integrity (CFI) =Stops advanced ROP attacks

Keystroke Encryption=Protects credentials against keyloggers in the browser


new next gen firewall anti exploit ,anti bypass,anti corrup,unrideble firewall by hakkers or cia ,nsa,spying, unable to read firewall or learn firewall by any attack how wahnt to learn the code or how is works


new 4 or 6 smart  layers firewall


new firewall level security


make turbo firewall for gaming in all options and extreme nat aceleration


: firewall off

:firewall normal

:firewall higth security

:new firewall  ultimate anti haking mode =set all port in and device and ect in to ultimate stelth mode super hidden mode =that mean you will navegate in invisible mode all port hidden and ect protecting you to be trace by any command network

this mean all your mac ip ect will be invisible to them

;new optional mode  set full firewall block network from conecting to this pc that mean you can navegate ect but some one from the outsite are unable to enter to your pc


new  block or remove data collection navegation to be more private from browser ect

new anti exploit cookie and browsers

new prevent malware or virus ect  infect the modem or router using any means and send bad traffics


prevent upnp be track and bypass or brute force


prevent firewall slowdon by any attack or extreme junks or ect


fix log delete it selft when modem or router reset put a password or lock to prevent been delete


prevent nat been crash or attack ,slowdown

prevent voip bypass or spy


change the full name of the modem or raouter and prevent hakers know what name of the device you are using when they try to login


make to change mac adress or make ramdow mac adress to  prevent your device or modem been hack and be invisible


make to detect all hiden device and ports ect in case  some is using a hiden program ect


make a new software backup protection and unhakeable


make a new remote protection


make a new media server protection


make a new limnit computer you whant to connect to the modem or raouter  if you set 1 computer only one computer can connect prevent this to be bypass or faked using programs


you need to make a new modem software ,faster stronger ,super extreme stable and secure


new secure boot state for the modem or raouter cold be hack or modfie or bypass or ect


fix false and positive attacks


make new firewall profecional  monitor and network and wirless monitor


prevent disconnection for any attack on any games


make lan new protection mode and security


make remove uknow trafics and ect


prevent firewall leak by anything and ect


just helping make the best of the best with the ultimate software and security ,iknow you can do this netgear corp


make anti exploit programs shild and protection


just helping






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Re: Ultimate most powerful ideas for security

Lots of ideas but the irony is there is no such thing as 100% guranteed security, no matter what. Man can break anything man made.

Been there, done that.


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Re: Ultimate most powerful ideas for security

i know bro just trying to help

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